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As of March 16, 2020, all public meetings held by Anchorage City Hall are cancelled until further notice. 



Learn more about COVID-19 by clickinghere or visit:

        Kentucky Governor's Website Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor

        Louisville Metro Government Louisville.KY.gov




Anchorage residents are encouraged to bag ALL garbage, and place all trash and recycling inside the carts to help protect Republic Services employees.  To decrease their exposure also consider delaying bulk item pick-ups.

          All services (trash, yard waste, and recycling) are on regular schedule!



Anchorage residents are encouraged to complete their 2020 Census surveys.  For more information click the following links: Census Op-Ed March 2020 and 2020 Census Operational Adjustments.





The City of Anchorage received the following requests from Anchorage residents related to the current COVID-19 situationIf a decision is made to participate, the City encourages anyone engaging in these activities to follow CDC Guidelines including social distancing of at least six feet, washing hands often with soap for at least twenty seconds, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available, disinfect items and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.  The City does not endorse any one activity or donation request.  Individuals who participate will do so at their own risk.”


Blake Arnold from Troop 110 is collecting medical supplies for hospitals. Construction or other masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc. Please text (502)291-0261. Leave on your front porch and he will collect each day.


Anchorage Bells — Every Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. until we are out of the COVID-19 emergency, neighbors are invited to step outside and ring a bell (or bang a pot or pan, anything that makes noise) to show that we are in this together! 


Rainbow Anchor Hunt — Many of us are increasing our time spent at home, which can be hard to do all day, especially with children.  To help, Anchorage is participating in this encouraging activity to get people outside and active, without close proximity!  To participate, place a rainbow in a front window, on your door, mailbox, or anywhere that can be seen from the road/sidewalk.  Color it, paint it, cut it out, print it from the printer, whatever.  Be creative!  Bonus applause for incorporating an anchor into your rainbow art.  Then go outside, walk around, and see how many rainbows you can find!  It’s easy and you get lots of fresh air and no human contact (but feel free to wave to one another or shout hello!). 


Anchorage Stories Project - Whether you have lived in Anchorage for a long or a short period of time you will all have experienced the positive power of this village, and what can be achieved as a community. It is what makes Anchorage such a special place to live.

At this time in history, when we are all experiencing self isolation and social distancing it is a wonderful time to reflect on the community and what it means to us individually and collectively. With this in mind, a project called “Anchorage Stories” has been initiated.  The idea is to create a collection of personal and family stories about our village and what it means to be part of the Anchorage community.  These will be used to create a book as a piece of Anchorage history in 2020. 


The history of community events and traditions (old and new), houses, school, PTA, generations of people and places that have contributed to the tapestry of life over the years needs to be preserved and treasured. The collection of stories will be compiled, edited, illustrated, and published to the highest standard.  Don’t worry if you are not the best writer, it is more important that we hear from you. Your story can always be tweaked during editing.


This project will be something positive we can all share at the end of this period of uncertainty.  A moment in history when we can celebrate our city and reflect on what it means to be a member of the Anchorage community.


If you would like more information and guidelines on how to submit a story please contact Jane Brown and janebrown4078@gmail.com or 502-802-6219.


This is a not-for-profit project.






For addtiional information regarding upcoming events, please see the current edition of

The Anchor Age newsletter.






























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